The central product line available from Sage Horticulture is their range of nursery propagation mist jets. Available in a variety of usage specific versions, this system is specifically designed to function within nursery or greenhouse environments and are precision made using strict quality assurance conditions to emit a consistent gentle mist that is essential to the growth and propagation of fine plant varieties. The vast array of available varieties in this product range provides that this system can be fitted to virtually any existing or newly assembled piping system.


Sage Horticulture are an Australian owned irrigation manufacturing company that have operated from their Victorian centre of operations for over 30 years. In that time they have grown to become market leaders in the design, supply and manufacture of export quality horticultural products that are used throughout the world today. These products include propagation equipment, greenhouses, fertilisers, misting and fogging, cooling and heating, Javo potting machines and much, much more.