Trailco TP Series

While Trailco's range is available in designs for an assortment of usage situations, the TP hard hose irrigator Series is categorised into two main applications. The first includes the compact TP32 and TP40 models (approx. range 100m), ideally suited to golf courses, parks, sports fields, gardens, turf areas, small crops and dust control for mining/building sites. The second category involves high performance models more suited to commercial, agricultural and industrial situations, which includes the TP90, TP110, TP125 and TP140. These robust models range between 200 and 500 metre coverage, each equipped with higher capacity turbine drives and manufactured from longer life materials.


As a leading Australian irrigation supplier, Trailco (Aust) have produced quality hard hose irrigation systems in Brisbane since 1969. Today Trailco provide a variety of hose options with the versatile TP range suitable for an array of applications. This wide range of product choices is one reason why Trailco are a leading supplier of irrigation technology in Australia.