The Davey D42A/B has been specifically designed for waste water applications requiring a submersible pump running higher pressure and heads up to 32 metres. It’s the centrifugal multi-stage twin impeller design featuring closed vane polycarbonate impellers with long engagement “D” drives that provides these higher pressures and efficiency. Cast 316 stainless steel motor caps and super tough engineered thermo plastic pump casing means outstanding corrosion resistance and long life. This pump also includes independently floating neck rings and rest assured, your investment is protected by other comprehensive features like inbuilt automatic thermal overload cut-out and corrosion resistant stainless steel fine mesh suction strainer to prevent blockages.


Established since 1934, Davey manufactures pumps and pressure systems that today are exported to over 60 countries. All Davey pumps are manufactured to meet international standards and their reputation for robustness and reliability has made Davey Australia’s largest manufacturer of water pumps for household water supply.