Neta Landscape and Turf Pop-up Irrigation

Neta’s range of pop-up lawn sprinklers are available in three main classifications and include spray head pop-up sprinklers (3.5m radius), gear driven pop-up sprinklers (5-15m radius) and impact pop-up sprinklers (8-11.5m radius). The spray head pop-up systems are most suitable for small to medium lawn areas, boast the ability to rotate the spray pattern to suit terrain, and are available in 50mm and 100mm varieties.

The gear driven systems represent the latest in pop-up irrigation technology from Neta. Suitable for medium to large lawn areas with a single adjustable spraying arc, this system contains a quiet action designed for reducing operating noise.

The impact pop-up sprinklers however, are designed for large lawn areas or commercial landscape applications where noise is not a concern. This more robust system is suited to handling dirty water from dams or creeks and comes with variable full to part-circular jet rotation options.


Neta is one such brand that has an extensive array of garden hoses and accessories. At the top of their range, Black Gold offers a lifetime guarantee and premium quality hoses such as Grande, Steel Blue, Royale and Garden-Ultimate offer between 8 and 15 year guarantees. Even the lower priced hoses carry 3 to 6 year guarantees so whatever the price, Neta offers best quality for your dollar and backs it up. Consumers now also have the choice of an extensive range of water-wise, easy-hold guns that have replaced nozzles and save water and reduce leakage.