Our trained service staff provide ongoing maintenance and can solve any unforeseen problems.

Irrigation & Pump Service - Installation - Emergency Repairs - Maintenance

As the largest pump and irrigation company in Southeast Queensland, we have 26 accredited pump service technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With fully equipped vans at their disposal, our technicians are able to carry out onsite emergency repairs with ease. Simply call our emergency line on 1300 555 555 any time of the day or night. Pager numbers for our offices are: Nambour and Beerwah (#26350); Gympie (#77951); and for all Electrical repairs wherever you are dial (#75186) following the above 1300 number. All our technicians are equipped and trained to enter confined spaces.

Regular maintenance also prolongs the life of any equipment and helps prevent breakdowns at crucial, busy times. Upon installation at each site, we make a list of the equipment with contact details and the level of servicing required. Each system is then placed on our maintenance schedule and at regular intervals is tested, cleaned and checked onsite with a full report posted promptly to you.

We also have a modern workshop for any sized system that requires offsite maintenance or repairs, with pump test bays able to cater for pumps from 20 litres per minute to 200 litres per second flow, as well as performance reports available for all pumps on request.

We are authorised electrical contractors (ELB #65488). With our own electrical contracting division comprising 8 qualified tradesmen, we cater for the design of custom-built panels “in-house” for control of all pumping and irrigation systems including remote controls. We specialise in electrical supply including underground electrical services to farms, factories, high-rise buildings and pump stations.
We commit to install your system exactly as planned. Naturally, we provide back-up service following this. And remember, you can conveniently access our services for onsite emergency repairs anytime – even after hours.