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The Mukmova is a single stage, open vane, semi-vortex, self-priming centrifugal pump driven by an oversized TEFC motor. The oversized motor ensures ample power in reserve when the going gets tough, easily dealing with soft solids without overloading or overheating. Reliability and long service life is made certain not only by the use of an oversized motor but by the use of cast iron in the construction of the casing and impeller. The Mukmova range is ideal for transferring effluent or effluent-containing soft solids in suspension such as dairy waste, piggery waste and non-potable water. Like all Davey pumps, the Mukmova is made in Australia to international standards meaning that it gets the job done time and time again.

Established since 1934, Davey manufactures pumps and pressure systems that today are exported to over 60 countries. All Davey pumps are manufactured to meet international standards and their reputation for robustness and reliability has made Davey Australia’s largest manufacturer of water pumps for household water supply.