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Davey Steriflo UV Water Disinfection

Davey has built a name on dependability through 60 years of practical experience under Australia’s harshest conditions. As a result of this experience and through the use of the latest product development tools and manufacturing techniques, the Davey Steriflo makes domestic water disinfection easy.

This system economically eliminates harmful bacteria from drinking water supplies without the use of chemicals that are dangerous to your family and may leave a nasty taste. Exposure to UV light is the safest and most effective way to neutralise these unhealthy organisms from your drinking and cooking water.

The system begins with the main cold water line entering the house passing through a coarse Davey Filterpure® filter, removing large suspended solids over 20 microns (half the thickness of a typical human hair). The water then passes through a finer filter, removing solids and cysts over 1 micron.
The final stage involves the Davey Steriflo UV disinfection system that deactivates bacteria and viruses, rendering them harmless to humans. The Davey Steriflo system comes in 3 domestic models to suit various sized homes as well as larger applications such as farm stays and B&Bs.