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EF Range

The Grundfos EF range has been designed for the transfer of heavy liquids such as trash, sand, sludge, oil, silt, abattoir, piggery and dairy waste. The pump features a channel impeller enabling it to handle liquids with solids up to 30mm in size and the use of the channel impeller and state-of-the-art motor design allow for efficient energy use. Constructed of tough cast iron and stainless steel, the EF exhibits excellent corrosion resistance properties enabling it to survive tough working environments – ideal for Australia’s harsh conditions – and protection of your asset is assured with built-in thermal protection against overheating.

With over 30 years experience in the rough and trying conditions of Australia, Grundfos have earned a solid reputation for building pumps and pumping systems that overcome our often harsh environment. Backed by international export quality assurance certification, Grundfos’ range of specialised domestic pumps is a product you can trust.