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Trailco Travelling Irrigation

The two Travellers® ideally suited to golf courses, sports fields, racecourses, gardens/parks, turf areas/farms and dust control are the T-50 and T100. The T-50 Traveller® has a simple robust design for reliability and performance, and with a throw capability of 100m long by 36m wide, its compact and versatility complement any of the above applications. For a larger coverage in the same compact design however, the T-100 Traveller® is the best option, with a throw capacity of 165m long by 52m wide and features available in all respected Trailco Travellers.

As a leading Australian irrigation supplier, Trailco (Aust) have produced quality hard hose irrigation systems in Brisbane since 1969. Today Trailco provide a variety of hose options with the versatile TP range suitable for an array of applications. This wide range of product choices is one reason why Trailco are a leading supplier of irrigation technology in Australia.