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Aqualine Steel Liner Water Tanks

The key features of the Aqualine range is that it is an onsite constructed tank with galvanised steel wall, roof and roof trusses and a polyethylene liner to hold the water. The best of both worlds when it comes to tanks.

One of the key features of the Aqualine tank is the galvanised ribbing combined with the 160mm flat surfaces at the top and bottom of the tank designed for easy and robust fitting of outlets and overflows. Our ribbed design fits the old Australian country galvanised shed a heritage we do not want to lose.

Strong, bolted walls to provide maximum strength
The Aqualine tank provides maximum strength obtaining the full wall height with only one horizontal joint. The joints are strong and have two rows of 12mm high tensile galvanized bolts for highest strength.
The roof trusses are welded and hot dipped galvanised with the roof sheets being full length with no joins.

Specialised Tanks
Aqualine are able to design specialised tanks which includes a wide range of fittings and if space to locate the tank is limited we can design and build a tall tank with a narrow footprint.

Additional Accessories

There are range of accessories that can go with you Aqualine water Tank and this includes;

  • Up to 250 mm outlet and overflow fittings for increased volume
  • Fire fighting fittings including Stortz fittings suited to the local fire authority.
  • leaf and debris catchment filter two piece with sunguard
  • internal hot dipped galvanised ladder and bracket which can be removed for safety
  • Additional 50mm outlets and chrome plated ball valves
  • Rainsaver roof water collection system
  • Presstite dust and vermin protection. Presstite is a flexible polyurethane foam sealing strip.
  • Water level indicators