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Davey DT150G or DT12G

The Davey DT range of submersible grinder pumps have been designed for use in applications like pits and septic tanks and work by grinding solid waste into a pumpable slurry. They feature a cutter and grinder on the inlet that easily handles soft solids, shredding them so they can be pumped through a 1¼“ pipe. A high head open impeller prevents blockages and transfers the waste with ease.

The DT range is constructed of corrosive resistant stainless steel, quality heavy-duty powder coated cast iron, and features high quality ceramic or silicon carbide seals to create a tough efficient pump for harsh conditions. The pump comes with a choice of single or three phase motor and optional slide rail kits are available for easy removal and reinstallation.

Established since 1934, Davey manufactures pumps and pressure systems that today are exported to over 60 countries. All Davey pumps are manufactured to meet international standards and their reputation for robustness and reliability has made Davey Australia’s largest manufacturer of water pumps for household water supply.