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Grundfos Comfort System

Applications: Hot Water Recirculation – ensures that there is always hot water available when it is needed and prevents water wastage resulting from the draining of cold water. The system uses the cold water supply line as the “return-line” to the water heater. A Comfort pump is used to create a pressure differential that allows the cold water in the hot water supply line to bypass (at low volume) into the cold supply line through a patented thermostatically controlled valve that is mounted under the sink furthest from the water heater.


  • Easy installation
  • Instant hot water
  • No waste
  • Energy efficient pump with built-in timer and thermostat (BUT model)

With over 30 years experience in the rough and trying conditions of Australia, Grundfos have earned a solid reputation for building pumps and pumping systems that overcome our often harsh environment. Backed by international export quality assurance certification, Grundfos’ range of specialised domestic pumps is a product you can trust.