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Hunter Irrigation Golf, Landscape and Turf Drip

A product of the latest technology in drip irrigation control systems, Hunter Industries have released three new drip control zone assemblies. These include the ICZ, PCZ and PACZ assemblies, each a combination of new and old Hunter technologies specifically designed to overcome the two previously inhibiting problems of combining the low flow/pressure requirements of drip irrigation with the level of pressure general applied to residential and commercial water outlets. Each of these systems is designed and manufactured to overcome specific landscaping and commercial obstacles, making them ideally versatile for the uneven landscape and terrain involved with any golf, landscape and turf application.

Hunter Industries are a designer, manufacturer and supplier of irrigation equipment to the international landscaping and golf course industries. In operation for over 25 years, Hunter now produce over 100 residential and commercial irrigation products and their commitment to export quality extends to their new line of drip zone control kits.