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Hunter Irrigation Golf Pop-up

Hunter Irrigation has a diverse range of spray sprinkler systems, with a Hunter pop-up spray irrigator for every situation. These include the wide range of G series gear driven rotors and RT series conversion risers. The G series is available in the simplistic mid-coverage G70B and G75B models, the robust performance designed G870 and G875, and the G880/G900 TTS larger turf rotors. Each are designed to meet the needs of specific golf course landscaping situations and are complemented by a variety of individual features to increase the effectiveness of these dual jet sprinkler rotors. With the accuracy and versatility required of any commercial application, Hunter Golf’s range of pop-up spray irrigators is manufactured to complement any golf course terrain.

Hunter Industries are a designer, manufacturer and supplier of irrigation equipment to the international landscaping and golf course industries. In operation for over 25 years, Hunter now produce over 100 residential and commercial irrigation products and their commitment to export quality extends to their new line of drip zone control kits.