Large Scale Feedlot

Description:  Hydraulic design for water supply and irrigation – Smithfield Ag
Location:  Murgon Area

Centre Pivot Irrigation

  • Hydraulic design for water supply and irrigation
  • Water supply booster pump sets
  • Underground water supply
  • Effluent dispersal design
  • Diesel and electric transfer pumps
  • Irrigation design
  • Installation and repairs
  • Advisory on future projects
  • Improving efficiency on existing systems

The relationship with the feedlot has been a long term relationship which keeps growing, the beginning of this relationship started with a small effluent dispersal system to increase the feedlot from 10,000 head of cows out to 350,000 head of cows. The challenging part of this project has been that this has happened over a 15 year period which means that provisions have been allowed for in all hydraulic design for future expansion, this has involved water supply to troughs, effluent dispersal, irrigation design, pumping equipment and mill equipment. Pumping duties for this project have ranged from 2 l/s out to 60 l/s providing water to 500m radius pivots using clean water out to effluent water.

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