Large Scale Fire Pump System

Description: Titan Fire Pump System
Location:  RAAF Base Townsville

Split Case Pump with Diesel Driver. NOTE: Heat Exchange Cooling.

  • Duty 400 l/s @110m head
  • Design and construct
  • Design to Conform to government specification
  • Design meetings with project engineer
  • Cad design of all pipe work and pump sets
  • Preview and approval of design by engineer
  • Cad drawing for each constructed pipe spool
  • Cad drawing of constructed pump sets
  • Cad drawing of constructed pipe supports
  • Certified welding of all materials
  • Manufacturing all pipe spools for assembly on site
  • Project management
  • Commissioning of system
  • documentation

This project was unusual as it needed to comply with AS2941 together with numerous other Australian Standards including Government requirements. The main Government requirement was that all steel pipe work was manufactured out of shed 40 steel pipe with Table E flanges and all welding was certified to AS 4041. To get a larger understanding of this project it was designed with two 600kW diesel pumps set with acoustic enclosures with jacking pump, 200m s/s exhaust pipe system, 2 x 1200mm dia x 2m high free standing muffler system, 107 pipe spool pieces which ranged from 500mm down to 80mm with two 250mm pressure release valves. All equipment was pre-manufactured and tested before being assembled on site as per our approved in-house CAD drawings, assembly on site was another key area that performed well due to our planning and accurate CAD drawing. The fire pump system was completed and commissioned on time with an outstanding result and achievement from all parties involved. This pump stations shows the depth and diversity of experience in design and fabrication that The Pump House can provide.

Fire Pump Manifold and Control Cabinet.

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