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PPI Landscape and Turf Pop-up Irrigation

From hosing and tubing, valves and fittings, to turf and irrigation control mechanisms, PPI are a name you can trust with products designed for Australian conditions.

PPI’s range of commercial, landscape and turf related products are designed specifically for easy application with any dense commercial landscape or any intricately designed domestic turf and garden situation. The varieties concerned include the TrellDrip™ and TrellTube™ systems that come in a variety of customised options and represent the latest technology in drip irrigation.

Able to be rolled out, tensioned and operated by one person, the TrellDrip™ system remains straight during use, allowing for a more efficient direct application of water. Overhead spraying furthermore, has never been easier and more accurate using the TrellTube™ as the tubing remains vertical, without tilting or sagging, allowing the spray to more accurately distribute constant coverage.

PPI is an Australian owned company that has been supplying polyethylene pipe since 1979. PPI Low Density Polyethylene pipe is manufactured to meet Australian standards and comes in metric and imperial sizes to suit a large range of rural, commercial, industrial and domestic applications.
Constructed of virgin Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and black carbon, PPI low density Poly pipes are highly resistant to UV, corrosion and most chemicals.
Poly pipe inhibits the build-up of scale and deposits and exhibits excellent flow qualities, creating a tough, efficient and long lasting pipe.