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Toro Agricultural Drip Irrigation

As an online drip irrigation system specifically suited to horticultural crop and open field applications, Toro’s Agri-Drip™ micro irrigation emitter provides a continuous turbulent flow path using a sealed transfer system to maintain charge rates, resulting in higher levels of coverage uniformity. Compatible with most poly piping systems, this range of drip emitters is available in standard and pressure compensation models, both of which are suitable for application with horticultural tree and row crops, viticulture and landscape gardens.

Toro Ag Irrigation has been operating in Australia for over 40 years and in that time have become one of the largest suppliers of irrigation products to Australia’s agricultural, landscape, turf and domestic garden markets. With an extensive range of irrigation products and systems available in a variety of usage options, Toro is committed to servicing the needs of Australia’s agricultural industry.