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Trailco Boom Irrigation

With a range from 50 to just over 85 metres, the Trailco Boom Travellers are suitable for any pasture or crop-irrigating situation. Manufactured from long-life components requiring very little maintenance, the user-friendly operation of this system allows one person to control several at a time with an ordinary tractor. Furthermore, the lightweight construction of the Boom Traveller ensures that transporting the system is as painless as possible. From an environmental perspective, the continuous movement of the Trailco Boom Traveller ensures uniformity of water distribution, while the low water pressure requirements reduce the overall operation and setup costs of the system.

As a leading Australian irrigation supplier, Trailco (Aust) have produced quality hard hose irrigation systems in Brisbane since 1969. Today Trailco provide a variety of hose options with the versatile TP range suitable for an array of applications. This wide range of product choices is one reason why Trailco are a leading supplier of irrigation technology in Australia.