Utilities Sewer Pump Station


Description:  Titan Sewer Pump Station

Location:  Beachside Column

Packaged Sewerage Pump Stations

  • Design sewer pump station for a depth of 7m
  • Design control panel to utilities specification
  • Design odour control treatment system with well washer
  • Design and build aluminium lids to utilities specification
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
This project was contracted through a large civil company on the Sunshine Coast. The Pump House was asked to design a sewer pump station for a large housing subdivision dealing directly with the client and project engineers, the difficulty with this project was the depth and the acid sulphate soils plus the odour problem with the large and long rising main, the depth and the acid sulphate soil was no problem to the Titan Pump Station but the odour was an issue as you can imagine with a large coastal sub division. To solve this issue The Pump House designed an ozone system that injected ozone into the well washer which treated the sewerage before being pump into the mainline, this was also remotely monitored from a desktop PC. To this date the pump station is working to its full extent with no odour or operation issues, The Pump House is also involved in the periodical maintenance of the pump station.